June 14-19, 2015   D-Day 1494
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3rd floor
No. Company Name Website Booth position
1 Dong-A University www.donga.ac.kr A17
2 Jeju National University www.jejunu.ac.kr A18
3 Ministry of Food and Drug Safety www.mfds.go.kr A16
4 National Institute of Environmental Research www.nier.go.kr A15
5 The research support center for Ko- CHENS
(Korean Children's Environmental Health study)
cafe.naver.com/environmentforchild A19
6 ICMGP2017 www.mercury2017.com A04
7 IPEN www.ipen.org A10
8 Korea Chemical Management Association www.kcma.or.kr A05
9 Korean federation for environmental movement www.kfem.or.kr A09
10 Korean NGO TBA A08
11 Kumamoto Prefactural Government www.pref.kumamoto.jp A11, A12,
A13, A14
12 Mercury Free World www.mercury.or.kr A06
13 UNEP www.unep.org A01, A02
14 WHO www.wpro.who.int A03
15 Zero Mercury Working Group www.zeromercury.org A07

5th floor
No. Company Name Website Exhibit Item Country Booth position
1 Agilent Technology Korea www.agilent.com   Korea C02
2 Brooks Rand Instruments www.brooksrandinc.com   USA B06
3 Bruker Nano GmbH www.bruker-nano.com   Germany B19
4 Cattani Australia www.cattani.com.au System for removing waste dental amalgam from suction system discharge, compliant to ISO tLI43. Australia B20
5 Dong-il Shimadzu Corp. www.shimadzu.co.kr   Korea C03
6 INA Korea Co.,Ltd.
(Nu Instruments Ltd.)
www.inakr.com MC-ICP-MS, HR-ICP-MS instruments Korea B08
7 International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology www.iaomt.org Dental courses USA B07
8 Jacobi Carbons AG www.jacobi.net   Switzerland B18
9 Kenvitech, Inc./ Enviroment SA deuteschland www.kenvitech.com   Korea B21
10 KNJ Engineering INC. www.knj-eng.co.kr   Korea B23
11 Korea Conformity Laboratories www.kcl.re.kr   Korea C04
12 LUMEX INSTRUMENTS www.lumexinstruments.com Mercury analyzers and Monitors. Canada B04
13 Mercury Instruments GmbH www.mercury-instruments.de Mercury Analyzer Germany B17
14 Milestone Srl www.milestonesrl.com DMA-80, DMA-1 Italy B05
15 National Atmospheric Deposition Program nadp.isws.illinois.edu National network for mercury monitoring, informational USA B22
16 National Institute for Minamata Disease www.nimd.go.jp   Japan B03
17 NEOENBIZ www.neoenbiz.com   Korea B11
18 Nippon Instruments Corporation www.hg-nic.com   Japan B01, 02
19 SCINCO www.scinco.com   Korea B10
20 Sowon TMS www.sowontms.co.kr   Korea B24
21 Tekran Instruments Corporation www.tekran.com Hydra IIC, Quicktrace 7600, Quicktrace 8000 Canada B15, 16
22 Teledyne Leeman Labs www.teledyneleemanlabs.com   USA B13, 14
23 Thermo Fisher Scientific Korea www.thermofisher.com   Korea C01
24 WOORI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY / DURAG GROUP www.wooritms.co.kr Total Mercury Analyzer
(HM 1400 TR)
Korea B09
25 Yonsei University & J-E TECH Co., Ltd. envi.yonsei.ac.kr
  Korea B12