June 14-19, 2015   D-Day 1494
Public Open House
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June 14(Sun)~19(Fri)
The organizers of the 12th ICMGP invite everyone to a Public Open House on Mercury – Public Information Session from June 14(Sun) to 19(Fri), 2015.
There will be a variety of interesting events and interactive exhibits related mercury in our environment. The Public Open House will be designed for both children and adults. Tentative programs are listed below, but not limited to.

  • How much mercury is in your body? - You can check your mercury level by analyzing hair and get information how to reduce.
  • Photo Display and Children’s Painting competition
  • Exhibition of Mercury-added consumer products
  • Interactive exhibits to get your answer for all about mercury

The session is free and open to the general public and conferees. If your institute or company is interested in joining the events, please contact us at info@mercury2015.com

* More information will be available in due course.