June 14-19, 2015   D-Day 1494
ICMGP 2015
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Theme “Today’s action, Saving the future”
According to UNEP’s ‘Global Mercury assessment 2013’, mercury concentration in ocean have been constantly increasing, and delays in action will inevitably lead to slower recovery of the world’s ecosystems from mercury contamination, giving a legacy of pollution to future generations.

Through this conference, with the theme of ‘Today’s action, Saving the future’, our wish is that the ICMGP2015 will provide an opportunity to advance communications and reach an agreement on actual mercury reduction actions–where networking among academics, governments, industries and citizen is essential along with the cooperation between developed and developing countries.


The emblem of ICMGP 2015 embodies human efforts for protecting nature and future of our globe against the mercury pollutions.

A map reflects Republic of Korea, the host country of ICMGP 2015 as well as the host city Jeju.
Hg which is an element symbol for Mercury and it is where all it begins.
The image of two people holding hands reflects our efforts to action together to save the environment from the mercury pollutant.
A child and a dolphin reflect our promising future with mercury free environment which is main objective of the conference.