June 14-19, 2015   D-Day 1494
ICMGP 2015
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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend our warm welcome and invite you to the 12th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) to be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea during June 14-19, 2015.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is finally adopted in October 2013 as a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. Through this conference, with theme of 'Today's Action, Saving the Future' our wish is to enhance understanding on every aspect of mercury issues. We strongly believe that the ICMGP will once again provide opportunity to advance communications on actual mercury reduction action - where networking between academics, governments, industries and citizen is essential along with the cooperation among developed and developing countries.

The host city, Jeju Island is a sub-tropical island with unique volcanic features and is designated as World Natural Heritage in 2007 by UNESCO. We hope that you could fully enjoy yourself the exotic nature of this beautiful island.

We look forward to seeing you in Jeju, 2015.


Kyunghee CHOI
Chair of ICMGP 2015
Director General of NIER
Eunhee HA
Co-chair of ICMGP 2015
Professor of Ewha Womans Univ.
Yong-chil SEO
Co-chair of ICMGP 2015
Professor of Yonsei Univ.
Jin Heon LEE
Co-chair of ICMGP 2015
Professor of Kongju National Univ.
Ki-Hyun KIM
Co-chair of ICMGP 2015
Professor of Hanyang Univ.
Yangho KIM
Co-chair of ICMGP 2015
Professor of Univ. of Ulsan